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Kurfürstliches Schloss- Koblenz

The Elector Clemens Wenzeslaus was the first elector who left the residential town of Ehrenbreitstein and moved to the other side of the Rhine; between 1777 and 1786 he ordered to built the “Kurfürstliches Schloss” (Electoral Palace) in the style of the French Neoclassicism. Following the French revolution, the Elector had to flee from French troops in 1792, and a few years later he left Koblenz forever.

In the years from 1850 till 1857 the office was held by the Prussian military governor Prince Wilhelm – later known as Emperor Wilhelm I, whose memorial stands at the German Corner. He resided in the Electoral Palace together with his wife Augusta.

The Empress Augusta assigned the landscape architect Peter-Joseph Lenné to design the landscape of the left bank of the Rhein – today forming the wonderful Gardens of Empress Augusta (Kaiserin-Augusta-Anlagen). In 1944, the Electoral Palace was almost completely destroyed except for exterior walls, but in the years 1950-51 it was rebuilt in its original design.

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