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Fell Exhibition Slate Mine

The Fell Exhibition Slate Mine is a former slate mine in Germany located about 20 km east from Trier (Germany) and about 60 km east from Luxembourg (city) (Luxembourg) next to the villages Fell and Thomm. The exhibition mine can be visited every day from April to October. The Exhibition Mine consists of two typical roof slate mines from the turn of the century, situated one above the other, a slate mining trail and a small mining museum.

The slate mining trail

The trail leads through the scenic Nossern Valley, past the relics of historic slate mining: imposing, terraced dumps, old mine cars, trails formerly used to transport the slate and now nearly completely overgrown, singular and quaint entry tunnels, all of which are a witness to the mining industry and past effigies of Saint Barbara, patron saint and helper in times of need for the miners. The layout of the Slate Mining Trail was conceived in such a manner, that everyone, depending on their level of fitness and interest, can plan their own individual route. In front of the entry tunnels to the mines, ten slate roofed information boards are to be found. The slate roofing was donated and completed by the Rathscheck Schieferbergbau company, Mayen and lovingly designed in different roofing styles. With the mine map on the information board, visitors can gain insight into the size and complexity of each mine system. There is also information on the history of each mine, the periods of operation and the number of galleries etc

Museum mine and wine

Adjacent to the exhibition mine, visitors find a small documentation centre, Mine and Wine, which exhibits curious and rare slate mining and wine making tools. A non-stop video presentation illustrates the modern state-of-the-art slate mining in Europe (length approx. 12 minutes) taking place in the Rathscheck Slate mine near Mayen. The small museum also has an impressive statue of Saint Barbara from 1897 on display.

Besucherbergwerk Fell
Auf den Schiefergruben
D-54341 Fell
Tel.: 0049-(0)6502 – 99 40 19 bzw. 0049-(0)6502 – 98 85 88
Internet: http://www.bergwerk-fell.de

Lage /Coordinates: 
N 49.755777856, E 6.79964514919
NS=49/45/21.17/N, EW=6/47/56.70/E

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