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Universum Bremen

Is it a silver whale or a giant mussel? The exterior of the Science Center fires the imagination before you even step inside. There was only this building when Universum Bremen opened in September 2000 but now it is part of a larger discovery park.

Universum BremenThe Science Center alone has 250 hands-on installations where people can experiment and learn by doing. The EntdeckerPark, Germany’s first open-air science adventure park, is themed on movement and is particularly popular with children, who can defy gravity at the ‘water screw’ or discover what it feels like to be a yo-yo. Inside the Science Center, visitors of all ages can go on a journey of discovery themed on mankind, Planet Earth and the cosmos. They will need to engage all their senses to find out what happened after the Big Bang, how a tornado is formed and which languages are spoken around the world. The Universum’s SchauBox stages new exhibitions every year, exploring a remarkable range of subjects. It’s always worth a visit, whether the focus is on the mouthwatering world of chocolate or the creativity of nature with its rich diversity of colours, shapes and sizes. More than three million people have passed through the Universum’s doors since it opened in 2000, making it one of the most successful science centres in Europe.

From worlds of knowledge to technology parks

‘Well, I never knew that!’ is a phrase often uttered by people visiting the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen for the first time. The fairytale city of Bremen is traditionally known for its history and its cosmopolitan outlook. But Bremen is also the tenth-largest city in Germany, a European centre for aerospace, a city of science and home to the Überseestadt district, one of the largest urban development projects in Europe. Bremen, a destination full of surprises.

Innovation by tradition – breaking new ground has always been Bremen’s forte. This is a place where history is lived and the future is shaped; where Hanseatic heritage, tradition, cutting-edge technology, science and space travel come together in perfect harmony. Whether it’s worlds of discovery, science centres, university research or pioneering technologies, Bremen has initiated countless projects which prove that science is anything but dry and boring.

“Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me and I’ll remember. Involve me and I’ll understand.” Ancient wisdom from the Chinese philosopher Confucius, which Bremen has turned into reality with museums that provide information in an entertaining way and discovery centres that are more than just a fun day out. For the ‘knowledge worlds’ in Bremen, the magic is in the mix – a wealth of information that is well explained and clearly presented. From Universum Bremen to the Ethnological Museum and the botanika – the various worlds of knowledge in Bremen really know how to bring their subjects to life.

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