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Naturpark Hoher Fläming

High Fläming Nature Park (German: Naturpark Hoher Fläming) is a 827 km² nature park in Potsdam-Mittelmark district in the German state Brandenburg. It is the third largest of 11 nature parks in the state of Brandenburg. In 1997, it was declared a nature park by the State Minister for the Environment. There is a visitor center in Rabenstein/Fläming offering information, an interesting exhibition, a bike rental and a shop with regional products.

The nature park is divided into two sections: In the south, the hilly and wooded landscape of the High Fläming and in the north a flat lowland, called “Belziger Landschaftswiesen” (Belzig landscape meadows). The more than 140,000-year-old heights aremoraines. The nature park area is about half wooded, and the other half is agricultural land. It is characterized by a constant change of forest and field. In some places, you will see the original beech forest. Open lakes and other water – apart from a few ponds – there are hardly any. However, there are many brooks that are among the cleanest in Brandenburg and are very valuable for nature protection. With the so-called “Rummeln”, a form of dry valleys, the High Fläming has a unique botanical and geological feature.

Animals and Plants

The Fläming is rich in wildlife (Fallow Deer, Red Deer, Raccoon Dog and the Mouflon). Among the most noteworthy species in the Nature Park are the Black Stork, the Common Noctule, a Microbat, and the Middle Spotted Woodpecker, the mascot of the nature parks. In the creeks the Brown Trout, the White-throated Dipper, the Brook lamprey and the European crayfish can be found. The Great Bustard and the Western marsh orchid are native to the lowlands.

Castles and palaces

Of particular interest are the four medieval castles in Fläming: Eisenhardt Castle in Belzig, Rabenstein Castle, Ziesar Castle and Wiesenburg Palace. In its present form Wiesenburg Palace is a neo-Renaissance building, but it was originally built as a medieval castle of which some elements are still preserved. Presently there is a museum and a hotel in Eisenhardt Castle in Belzig.

Wiesenburg Palace is privately owned and is used for residential purposes. The castle tower can be visited and houses the tourist information of the community. The Palace has a park that is designed as a landscape park. The 123-hectare park is considered the most important park between Potsdam and the Dessau-Wörlitz Gardens. In 2004, there was a sculpture exhibit in the park. Ziesar Castle houses a museum on the history of Christianity the Mark Brandenburg. There is a hostel and a restaurant in Rabenstein Castle.

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