Germany is a paradise for those who love to walk or hike through beautiful, tranquil landscapes. From romantic forests, pictuesque mountains ,the breathtaking scenery of the lakes and rivers to coastal areas, there is something to keep everyone happy. There are numerous, well marked, trails that can be split into stages.

BAVARIAN ALPS; Follow in the footsteps of King Maximilian II, and take the “Maximiliansweg” from Allgäu to the Königsee. The journey will take around 14 days and you will pass famous mountain peaks and spectacular views across the Bavarian Alps.

BLACK FOREST: The beautiful landscape of the Black Forest draws thousands of visitors every year, and with over 23,000 kilometers of signposted trails there are lots of options as to where to visit.The high road through the Black forest will take you past lakes, left over from the ice age, such as the Mummelsee which has its own underwater King, who will gladly pose for a picture with you! The Hornsisgrinde,at 1164m is the highest mountain of the northern Black Forest. It rises up behind the Mummelsee and is well worth the climb,(about 1hour up and down), or walk the Grindenpfadweg on the Hornisgrinde, allow 1 1/2-2 hours. The Black Forest enjoys more hours of sunshine per year than any othe part of Germany. In the winters there is, normally a healthy snowfall making the Black Forest an all year round destination.

RHEINSTEIG: This trail runs over300km along the right bank of the Rhine, from Bonn, past Koblenz and on to Wiesbaden. It is particularily well marked, but can be very demanding in places. Trails lead through forests, past vineyards and open out overlooking spectacular scenery over the Rhine Valley.The Area is a Natioal Heitage Site. If you start from Rüdesheim, you will be able to start off gently with a chair lift ride up to the Niederwalddenkmal. Pass the hunting lodge “Niederwald” and walk down to the city of Assmannshausen, which is famous for it’s “”Höllenberg” red wine.From the Rheinsteig trail you will pass castles and catch a glimpse of the famous Loreley rock.There will be many steep climbs and you will need a head for heights at many stages of the trail. One of the highlights towards the end of the trail is the “Rupertsklamm” (a gorge) the rocky descent is quite strenuous. The trails ends with a walk along the banks of the Rhine to Koblenz with the mighty Ehrenbreitstein Fortress and the Deutsches Eck.

BRANDENBURGS SEA SCAPE: This is an area well suited to those who prefer to walk on flatter ground. It is a densely wooded region with a vast number of lakes and waterways. A nature lovers paradise that also pass castles, manor houses, watermills and small towns along the way.

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