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Nesselwang Information Guide

Nesselwang is a municipality in the district of Ostallgäu in Bavaria in Germany. It is an oft photographed market town and tourist resort at the foot of the Alps in Allgäu. It consists of the market (Nesselwang) as well as 17 surrounding hamlets (Gschwend, Hörich, Reichenbach, Bayerstetten, Wank, Hertingen, Attlesee, Schneidbach, Hammerschmiede, Lachen, Niederhöfen, Rindegg, Thal, Schicken, Schneidbach, Voglen and Widdumhof).

The town and surrounding hamlets are home to some 3600 people and are visited by about 73000 holiday guests each year. During the winter the town is a ski resort with the lifts of the Alpspitzbahn starting directly in the town and carrying skiers nearly to the top of the Alpspitz. During summer the lift can also be used to reach the start points for a variety of walking tours as well as to reach the top of the summer sledge run. Mountain biking, swimming in the surrounding lakes and walking through the surrounding scenery are all popular summer pastimes. There is also an adventure swimmimg pool and a museum to visit.

Nesselwang in Winter

To ride in the alpine landscape ski or snowboard is here almost a must. According extensive is the range for skiers and those who want to be there:

  • perfectly groomed pistes with a total length of 8 km
  • Germany’s first combined lift (chair + nacelle) – the Alpspitzbahn elevation of 1,500 m
  • 3 tows
  • Snow by snow-making facilities
  • Children’s ski country with Übungslift

Skiing in Nesselwang

  • Night skiing in Nesselwang
  • Night skiing on floodlit slopes, daily from
  • 18-21 Clock
  • Ski and snowboard schools with rental ( Nesselwanger ski school and Skischulakademie Alpspitz )
  • Floodlit terrain park with rails and kickers, with a special “Kids Park” and “Woodland Trail”
  • Sunbathing on sports Böck

By the way:

For frequent skiers the lift passes “Great snow Allgäu-Tirol-Kleinwalsertal” and the “Allgäu-Tirol Ski Card” offer even more fun on the slopes in different regions.

Ski Tour Nesselwang – Feldkirch

We start our tour in the Town of Nesselwang on the foot of the Alps in Allgäu. The town is full of bars and restaurants with a large Aires for the motorhomers out there. Lifts of the Alpspitzbahn start directly in the town and carry skiers nearly to the top of the Alpspitz. A lovely setting, town and a great place to start. From there we move onto Oberstdorf located in the Allgäu region of the Bavarian Alps.Not only does Oberstdorf host every New Year the first part of famous Four Hills Tournament in ski jump it also houses Germany’s figure skating centre. There is so much to do in this one town that you may not want to move on, but move on we must, and next comes the town of Grasgehren. Grasgehren is a very popular ski resort due to its reliability of snow and its location. With the altitude of 1400 m to 1700 m and its mountain setting, not only make this one of the best ski resorts but also one of the prettiest.

Ski Tour

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