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Großer Arber, Germany

The Großer Arber is situated in the middle of the Bavarian Forest at the boarder to the Czech Republic and due to its height of feet it is called the Mount Blanc of the Bavarian Forest. Within four minutes the modern six-seater gondola takes you up just underneath the summit. From this point runs of different length and severity divide that offer terrific views across the Bavarian and Bohemian Forest. Furthermore you have the option to ski on a marvelous, 5 km long descent down to the town of Bodenmais.

But the area is also a real insiders’ tip for snowboarder! „Endless“ powderruns are common in the arber region and the Arber Funpark offers an additional incentive for all “hop-hooked” snowboarders. A special feature is the “Playboard Rail Park” representing the biggest railpark of its kind throughout Germany.

But also for non-skiers or for those who want to have a rest from skiing the Arber summit is an attractive destination: A comfortable trail winds uphill from the top station of the gondola to the Arber peak with the prominent Nato-domes and runs across the summit-plateau to the minor peaks Grosser Seeriegel and Richard-Wagner-Kopf. Up there, above the timberline, visitors will find fabulous scenery. Wind, snow and icy cold transform the dwarf-pines into bizarre shapes resembling pictures from fairy tale books.

Walkers can spend a wonderful winter day and enjoy the stunning views of the border mountains between Germany and the Czech Republic.

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