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Baiersbronn, Germany

Baiersbronn is a municipality in the district of Freudenstadt in Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany. It is situated in the Black Forest on the Murg river. Baiersbronn is famous as a centre of haute cuisine in Germany, having 7 Michelin stars in total. In 2007 Claus-Peter Lumpp, whose restaurant “Bareiss” is the second three-star eatery in the town of Baiersbronn earned his third Michelin star. Lumpp’s neighbor Harald Wohlfahrt of “Schwarzwaldstube” had joined the three-star list in 1992. The final star is held by Jörg Sackmann at his restaurant “Schlossberg” Baiersbronn is perfect for hotel stays as well as people in motorhomes.

Skiing in Baiersbronn

Alpine skiers, cross-country skiers and snowboarders are transported to the tops of the nine slopes with lengths of up to 1000 metres with seven ski lifts and one chair-lift. Seven of the slopes are equipped with floodlights. Conditions are ideal for beginners, as well as for experienced skiers. And the same applies to the 12 cross-country trails which demonstrate varying degrees of difficulty, and which cross the most beautiful regions within the holiday community. The Buhlbach cross-country trail in Obertal is especially popular, and its 2.5 kilometre run can be used in the evenings as well, thanks to floodlighting.

The three tobogganing runs are great fun for young and old, one in Ruhestein (300 metres long), one in Tonbach (250 metres long) and one in Kniebis (400 metres with floodlights). Our winter activity programs include extended hikes with snow shoes or cross-country skiing trips. And not enough, Baiersbronn also has its own ice skating ring. So why not try curling for a change?

Those who want less excitement can go for extended walks, or take a ride in a horse drawn sleigh through the snowy Black Forest and enjoy the beautiful scenery and healthy fresh air. And there are lots of places to stop in for refreshments along the way.

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