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German Sausages

Think of German food and what springs to mind? Sausages of course, and what a selection there is! There are over 1500 different types of sausages or wurst. Each region has it’s own personal favorite speciality and they are all well worth sampling. One of the most well known is the Bratwurst,made entirely from either pork or veal, they are a grilling or frying sausage. They are sold in kiosks along the streets with mustard and a bread roll, they are an excellent hot snack when you feel a bit peckish. Put them with fried potatoes or a dumpling and sauerkraut you have a full meal, and they are perfect on a barbecue. Frankfurters or Wienerli are available, and well known, all over the world. These smaller sausages are known as Würstchen (small sausages) and can be eaten hot or cold, children will often be given one by the butcher to eat whilst out shopping with Mum, or Dad of course!.

Strictly speaking they should come only from Frankfurt but they are produced all over Germany. They are made from good quality pork, spiced, made into sausages and then smoked which gives them their golden brown skins. To heat them up they are just warmed up in hot water, they are excellent served with potato salad. Other sausages include Knackwurst ,similar to frankfurters, but short and fat, bockwurst, made from pork and beef, these are larger than the frankfurter. Thüringer Rotwurst, a red sausage from Thuringia spiced with marjoram and from Berlin comes the Curry Wurst, sliced sausage garnished with curry ketchup and dusted with curry powder.The next most important item at the Munich OKTOBERFEST is the Weißwurst, a white sausage made with milk and lots of parsley. Bavarians eat the Weißwurst with brezels, sweet mustard and all washed down with the Oktoberfest’s most important item BEER !

The variety of slicing sausage is too many to list, salamis, bierwurst, fleischwusrt, schinkenwurst, extrawurst, sausages with paprika, mushrooms, herbs or spices, such as paprika, nutmeg, ginger, cardomon and coriander, adorn the butchers counters, better to take a selection of them rather than having to choose just one. Sulzwurst is different to the normal sausages, it is a brawn sausage containing chunks of meat, normally taken from a pig’s head, and sealed into a sausage shape with aspic. Sulz is sliced very thinly and served with pickles and salads or on a mixed platter. The array of sliced smoked bacons leave you reeling as you try to make a choice. There are also many types of spreading sausage like the Leberwurst and Teewurst, these are like a smooth pate and are excellent for breakfast. Blood sausages are, normally regional speciallities, and are mainly eaten in the autumn or for special occasions.Sausages are either scalded and classed as fresh to be refridgerated, Smoked ,which was the original way of preserving meat or airdried, which again preserves although not for as long as the smoked varieties.Along side the sausages we must give a mention to Leberkäse,a very popular, good quality baked meat loaf which is excellent eaten hot or cold, wonderful freshly baked in a crusty white semmel!

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