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Ludwigsburg, Germany

Ludwigsburg is a baroque work of art. Three splendid castles and expanded garden and park grounds are reminiscent of grand days. The straight and wide streets intersect in the lively city centre, where two storey town houses in soft pastel colours shape the townscape. The focal point is formed by the market place with its two baroque churches.

The Wuerttemberg Duke Eberhard Ludwig began constructing his residential palace in Ludwigsburg in 1704. The largest baroque castle grounds in Germany with 18 buildings, three courtyards and 452 rooms attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. The extensive park grounds of the residential palace hold the oldest and most beautiful horticultural show in Germany, the “Blühendes Barock”. The refined flower arrangements – gardening art of different epochs and regions – are a treat to look at. At the world’s largest pumpkin exhibition in autumn visitors can experience the autumn plants in splendid colours and extraordinary shapes. Besides the above mentioned residential palace Ludwigsburg has two more masterpieces to offer: The hunting castle Favorite and the Lake castle Monrepos.

The dukes liked it colourful and dazzling; one opulant baroque party followed the other. This is a tradition that the Venetian Festival follows, which turns the city centre of Ludwigsburg into a magical landscape every two years. Duke Carl Eugen was so captivated by the Venetian masquerade that he imported it to Ludwigsburg without further ado. From September 7th to 9th 2018, jesters, artists, musicians and people wearing masks will transform the market place into St Mark’s Square again for three days.

The numerous faces of Ludwigsburg can be experienced especially comfortably with varying group packeges and weekend arrangements. That way you can explore the city, from a baroque perspective of course, discover the museums, taste the wine of the region, visit the castle festivals, experience the special atmosphere during the Baroque-Christmas-Market and much more.

Ludwigsburg Baroque Christmas Market

A golden glow hangs over the arcade-lined marketplace and the lovingly decorated stalls of the Ludwigsburg Christmas Market. Gleaming strings of thousands of tiny lights stretch over the roofs of the Christmas market stalls; graceful angels spread their great, glimmering wings, and both baroque churches shine in festive splendour.

The lighting is as special as the arrangement of the stalls. The symmetry and clean lines of Ludwigburg’s streets and of the famous baroque palace gardens are echoed in the little Christmas market, where you can stroll in leisure from November 23rd until December 22nd. Even the ruler of Württemberg comes back to life: Every Saturday, King Friedrich the First strides through the Christmas market with his royal suite, holds audience in his splendid robe, and surveys the wide selection in the stalls, which number over 175.

Hand puppets and figures from the nativity, antique and modern Christmas tree ornaments, precious objects of paper and ceramic, warm things of wool and fine silk garments: no Christmas wish goes unfulfilled. Chestnuts, waffles and other delcacies indulge your palate. Swabian specialties such as Schupfnudeln (potato dumplings) and the Holzofendinnede – a hearty baked good with heavy sour cream, potatoes or bacon – will warm you from the inside out.

The gingerbread at the Ludwigsburg Christmas Market traditionally comes fresh from the oven. When this fragrant, honey sweet treat is warm in your hand then Christmas is very near…

While the grown-up “children” will be attracted by the daily Christmas program in the evening, the kids will be enthused by the special kiddies program in the afternoon. Ludwigsburg during Christmas season is more than just a visit: the Christmas market and the nearby pedestrian area with its numerous shopping opportunities will make your Christmas shopping a real pleasure. Come and enjoy Ludwigsburg with its Christmas flair.

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