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Geinsheim, Germany

The village of Geinsheim, which is now a district of Neustadt-an-der-Weinstrasse since 1969, lies in the Rheinland-Palatinate region of Germany. Geinsheim lies on the flat plateau, referred to as the “Gäu”, between the German wine Road and the River Rhine. Previously Geinsheim was a typical agricultural and wine-producing village, today it is increasingly becoming a residential suburb of Neustadt. Geinsheim lies approximately half way between Neustadt, to the west and Speyer, to the east. Sitting on this area of flat land makes it an ideal location for cyclists and walkers alike, there are numerous biking and hiking trails around Geinsheim and the surrounding areas. One such trail runs between Neustadt and Speyer. The 500 year old village is a conservation area and therefore protected, one can see that the original beauty of the village has been well preserved when passing through.

The lovely half-timbered houses, the well tended gardens and the church of Sts Peter and Paul, all are a testimony to this. The Catholic parish church of Sts Peter and Paul lies inside the conservation area and the high tower contains a storks nest, and has done for quite some time, thus earning it the title of “Storchenturm”. It is the largest church in the Gäu and is therefore locally known as the “Gäu Dom”. The original church was built in 1500, but when the church became too small for the number of people wanting to attend it’s services, it was decided to make it bigger. The original altar is magnificent and so not wanting to damage it the church was expanded to the side and a further altar now sits at the head of the new church but the smaller altar sits to the side. A beautiful church with wonderful statues, a enormous organ and to the rear is a garden grotto dedicated to Our Lady of Lourdes. There is a neo-classical former school building which now serves as local government offices, the property at 96 Gäustrasse dates back to around 1600, at 79-81 Gäustrasse is a building complete with a barn where materials from Speyer Cathedral Chapter were once stored and also several 18th century – 20th century three-sided courts all within the conservation area. Because of its position, Geinshaeim is surrounded by vineyards but grapes are not the only crop to be grown and sold in the area, there is asparagus, tobacco, sugar beet, cereals and potatoes. Fruits and vegetables grown in the gardens and allotments of the residents of Geinsheim can be seen displayed in front of the houses or in the courtyards at the side of the houses.

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