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Friedberg Tourism Guide

To one person a Bavarian Tuscany, to another a baroque gem: Friedberg welcomes you with the charm of a city that knows how to live. The Wittelsbach Castle and the baroque Town Hall are reminders of the golden age in the city’s history. In the mid-16th century, the dukes of Wittelsbach promoted trade and industry from their residence in Friedberg, especially inspiring civic artisan craftsmanship.

In the 17th and 18th century Friedberg became a well-known center for watch and clockmaking. Since 1989, the golden “Friedberg Era” (Friedberger Zeit) has been celebrated every three years with a large historical festival of the same name held in the city center. 10 days of the “Friedberg Era”: 10 days of stylish, festive celebration amid the backdrop of the romantic historical center, with original costumes, original performances, and original dishes from the golden age. An exhilarating festival in an inspirational city

Friedberg’s townscape is shaped by the historical Town Hall, centrally located on Marienplatz, and the fountain bearing the same name. After destruction by Sweden in 1636, the present Town Hall was built in 1673-1674 in the late-Renaissance style by a student of Elias Holl (architect of the Augsburg Town Hall). Until the 19th century, the granary (storage for grain with sales point), the Bread House (sales point for bakers), the Detention Center of the police (formerly known as the Calf-Cellar) and the Customs Office for levying city taxes were all located here.

The City Wall

After 1400, during the course of city expansion under Duke Ludwig VII of Bavaria, the city wall with its wooden, roofed battlements was built.
Remains of the battlement with arrow slits have been reconstructed north of the Old Water Tower and are open to visitors. Nearly all the towers of the city wall are fully intact. Delightful narrow alleys and impressive views surprise visitors on every tour.

Wittelsbach Castle

Before the formation of the city, the castle was built as a border fortification by Duke Ludwig II in the year 1257. The castle was reconstructed in 1559 in the Renaissance style after the previous building was destroyed by fire. Duchess Christina of Lothringen selected it as her dower house in 1568 and this decision led Friedberg to become a center of courtly life in Bavaria. This zenith of our city’s history will now be brought to life again in the Wittelsbach Castle. Its new luster, its proximity to the historical center, and the neatly groomed castle gardens create a unique setting for events of all kinds.

Tradition and Future

Experience history up close. In the 17th and 18th centuries, Friedberg was at its economic and social peak. At that time, Friedberg was established as a competitor to the Free Imperial City of Augsburg as a center of watch and clockmaking. Friedberg remembers this golden age every three years with its historic festival. The entire city center is transformed into a backdrop of historically accurate and magnificent celebration with clothing, performances, and culinary delights from bygone times. Groups from far and near come to be part of the parades, performances, markets, concerts, dances, and games. They encounter “Cordonists” (Friedberg’s watchmen), farmers, jugglers, healers, craftsmen, and – those most responsible for the prosperity and reputation of Friedberg in those times – watch and clockmakers. The sounds of period instruments and tools echo throughout the narrow streets and the aroma of delicacies invites visitors to try something from the baroque culinary arts. The past is brought to life on every corner of the historical center!

Next Performance – 12th-21st July 2019


Herrgottsruh Pilgrimage Church

The pilgrimage church “Herrgottsruh” ( Our Lord’s Rest ) is located on the eastern outskirts of the former border fortress Friedberg in the district of Aichach-Friedberg in present-day Swabia . Some of the most important artists of the Bavarian rococo were involved in the design of the monumental Late Baroque building.

Herrgottsruh Pilgrimage Church

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