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Visit Freudenstadt, Germany

Freudenstadt, Baden-Württemberg is situated on a high plateau at the Eastern edge of the North Black Forest. Freudenstadt is famous as a climatic health resort due to the high quality of the air, and has long attracted visitors, and includes King George V of England, Queen of Sweden, John D. Rockefeller and Mark Twain among its many famous guests. The building of Freudenstadt was ordered by Duke Frederick of Württemberg in 1599. Unfortunately history has not always been kind to this lovely Black Forest town, it has suffered wars, plagues and fires many times over the centuries, but it shows the resilliance of the townsfolk that each time disaster struck they built the town back up again and each time better than the time before. In 1601 the first settlers came from far and near to make their home here, on the 2nd of May the foundation stone of the new town church was laid.

Today Freudenstadt is a lively and popular town with an abundance of splendid attractions. The market square is the largest in all of Germany, occupying around 5 hectares, and is one of the town’s most famous features. The square is framed by beautiful, historical buildings, arcaded walkways house delightful shops where you can browse through goods from the Black Forest region. Set into the square are 50 small fountains throwing up jets of water in the summer months which provide quite a spectacle and a great deal of fun for the children running through and cooling off. In one corner stands the Rathaus – Town Hall – its tower crowned by a sphere. Like the other apparently historic buildings, the town hall was rebuilt after the Second World War. In the centre of the square sits the Stadthaus – City House – which houses the Museum of Local History. On the other side of the square from the Town Hall stands the Gothic/Renaissance Evangelical Lutheran City Church – Stadtkirche, with its green tower roofs, it dates back to the beginning of the 17th century. It has an unusual “L-shaped” floor plan with two naves. Built between 1601 and 1608, and is considered Freudenstadt’s most significant building. The Friedrichsturm (Frederick’s Tower) is a 25m high tower which is located on 799m above sea level on Kienberg. The tower was built of red sandstone from the northern Black Forest in 1899 for the 300 year anniversary of Freudenstadt. On good weather days it offers a clear view over the whole river Murg valley as well as a view over Dornstetten and Schopfloch.

Bärenschlößle built in 1627 once official and age old seat of Duke Peter Stein today houses a cafe restaurant with a lovely outdoor terrace. Park Courbevoie, named after Freudenstadt’s twin town in France, Courbevoie, contains the memorial for the dea soldiers a large bronze sculpture depicting five mourners, an everlasting symbol of the need for peace. The Kurhaus opened in 1954, today hosts events and theatre productions. The column with the Venus statue depicts Venus reaching out her hand for a better future and with the other hand behind her she is pushing the evils of the past away. The former Post building on the market place is now a traditional brewery and restaurant – Turm-Bräu. A warm, rustic ambience welcomes you in and provides the perfect setting for sampling the local beer. An open kitchen area gives you the opportunity to watch as the chef prepares your delicious food. The cosy “chalet-style” interior is the perfect place to rest your aching feet after a day’s sight-seeing around the town.

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Christmas in Freudenstadt

The 10-day Christmas market in Freudenstadt still enjoys great popularity.Festively decorated wooden huts and a festively lit marketplace. Various bands, jazz Christmas or children’s choirs provide musical accompaniment to the market.

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Breathe in the fresh fresh winter air, smell the scent of freshly fallen snow, you hear the soft crunch when winter walk or the soft sound of the skis that glide across the freshly groomed trail. Let your eyes glide over the white landscape and feel the width. Enjoy the warm glow of the winter sun that turns the snow into a sea of thousands of glistening crystals and let it all hang out and take distance from everyday life. Nature around Freudenstadt almost invites one to be active. Whether mountain biking, hiking or Nordic walking – skiing, sledding or snowshoeing: In Freudenstadt everyone finds what his heart desires. Numerous sports and recreational facilities, playgrounds and pools and more than two hundred organizations offer opportunities for recreational activities in all areas. Shopping delights offer the most owner-managed businesses Freudenstadt and treats in the friendly restaurant businesses are responsible for the high recreational value of Freudenstadt. For the ultimate in dreams, take a horse-drawn sleigh ride through the snow covered forests around Freudenstadt, let the silence envelope you as you glide over the crisp clean snow tucked snugly under warm blankets, truly a winter wonderland. These trips can be arranged through your hotel or booked on line before you go.

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