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Edenkoben is a town situated at the southern end of the German wine road and lies halfway between Neustadt and Landau. Edenkoben is overlooked, on its west side, by the imposing Friedensdenkmal, from the top of which visitors can enjoy a fine view across to the Rhine.

Originally constructed to celebrate German unity in the aftermath of the Franco-Prussian War, the memorial was renamed Friedensdenkmal (Peace Memorial) after 1945.The healthy air is recognised by the state as a health resort, King Ludwig I also recognised the natural and climatic advantages of Edenkoben and built his summer residence,Ludwigshöhe, here.The town is surrounded by acre upon acre of vines and it’s elevated centre affords wonderful views in all directions. The towers of the town’s two churches rise high above the town, the protestant church of St.Laurentius with its medieval steeple and its rectangular nave built in 1739-40, sits in the main Ludwigsplatz while the neo-Gothic catholic church of St.Ludwig built in 1888-1890, on the Luitpoldstrasse, has views over the surrounding countryside, this church succeeded the smaller church of St.Nepomuk which now serves as the parish centre.

The town offers a good variety of shops, hotels and restaurants and there has a been a great deal of renovations taking place over recent years. At the Schafsplatz, a square in the town centre, a small stream which runs through the town has been edged with sandstone and wide steps lead down into the waters.

There are seating areas and ice creams can be bought from nearby cafes which make for a great place to relax on a summers day. The square takes its name from the “Hotel zum Schaf” which dated back to 1749 .Ludwigsplatz is the central square in the old part of town and is the ideal setting when the large wine festival of the southern Wineroad is held here. There is a large statue of King Ludwig I which has been here since 1890. In the corner of the square is the Konig Ludwig Keller, a restaurant with a beer garden that affords wonderful views over the surrounding vineyards. Many of the traditional houses of Edenkoben have large courtyards to the side which are closed off from the street by huge walls with large arched gates through which loaded farm wagons could pass,many are now private houses but some still house wineries among them. Some of the houses date back to the 16th and 18th centuries.

Villa Ludwigshöhe is a neo classical palace built on the slope of the Palatinate forest which offers wide views of the vineyards and the Rhine plain. The Palace was started in 1846 and completed in 1852. It was built for King Ludwig I and he used it as a summer residence where he celebrated his birthday. A chairlift takes visitors up to the palace where they can take a tour around the lavishly decorated building.The Town Hall- this has the site of a Town Hall since 1688. The new building, as we see it today, was started in 1819 and in 1874 received a second floor.

On the large car park below the church of St Ludwig there is a Reisemobil Stellplatz which offers all usual facilities. A small wooden hut in the corner houses information and leaflets on the town and surrounding areas. This parking is very popular and can become quite busy as the wine festival season approaches.

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