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“Over 800 million currywurst are eaten in Germany each year – currywurst is a sausage served with a spicy sauce, and is a street food that has become a cult classic in Germany. About 7 million currywurst are eated in Berlin alone. There’s even a museum in Berlin dedicated to the popular snack.“


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Discover all the seasonal events which are celebrated by people of different cultures. All seasonal Events here

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Browse through different tours of Germany here. Discover nw and exciting tours around Germany, as well as traditional tours such as the Romantic Road, the Castle Road and the Wine Road. You can also share your tours with us and we can publish them so others can follow in your footsteps.

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Attractions in Germany

Browse through all kinds of different attractions in Germany. Germany has so much to offer in terms of sight seeing and exploring. Browse through magical castles, fairytale towns, romantic roads and many more different kinds of attractions. Browse through King Ludwig and his castles and, browse through the lakes and find your perfect destination to visit in Germany

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Cities in Germany

Cities in Germany

Browse through Cities and Towns in Germany. Discover the best attractions in Cities and Towns throughout Germany. Find the best places to visit and what to do whilst in the different cities. Find events and festivals in the different areas as well as where to stay whilst visiting.

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Search through our listings of Places to Stay in Germany. We  provide information on Campsites and Motorhome stops in Germany. Search our list of dedicated Motorhome Stops and find address and contact details if available.

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Traditional Food of Germany


Traditional Food

Traditional Foods in Germany. Germany is known throughout the world for its Cuisine, especially food likes Bratwurst and Potato Salad. Find all the information on them and many more. Learn about the different beers and wines drank and produced in Germany and discover the times of the year the special extra strength beer is released, and why.

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Traditional Recipes

Recipes from Germany bring to mind sausages, dumplings and sauerkraut but although delicious these are not only what German food is all about. There are a wealth of recipes in Germany to explore and enjoy. Germany is such a large country and therefore offers many different regional flavours and recipes. Every meal is important from breakfast, lunch and dinner and also snacks and of course the wonderful selection of cakes, pastries and biscuitshis.

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