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Recipes from Finland

Recipes from Finland reflect the fresh produce found in the lush forests and crystal clear waters of Finland’s lakes. The long harsh winters meant that many foods had to be preserved to last and these flavours are shown in the recipes of Finland which have produced tasty, wholesome foods. There are many recipes which make use of rich meats and a great variety of fish along with preserves using the forest berries. Here we try and bring you a selection of recipes and we invite you to send us your favourite recipes for us to share with others.

The recipes on these pages have either been made by ourselves or sent in by you the readers of our website. Lets try and share recipes from around Finland, and all the different regions for all to enjoy and experience.Send in your family or favourite recipes.

Lusikkaleivat – Spoon Biscuits

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Korvapuustit – Cinnamon Buns

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