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Motorhome Stops in Finland

Stopping overnight in a motorhome in Finland will either be on a campsite,among one of the many forests or along the shores of one of Finland’s thousands of lakes. There are 35 National Parks covering 8,150sq.km so there is plenty of space if you want to get away from it all. The outstanding scenery makes a trip to Finland well worth the trip. So long as you follow the simple rule of not leaving litter and leaving the place as you find it then you will be very welcome.
Here is a short list of a few of the finnish people’s favourite National Parks:-

Päijänne National Park National Park

Lake Päijänne is the second largest lake in Finland.In the middle of the lake you will find the Päijänne National Park. It consists of small islets and some bigger islands with steep rocks. Many of the islands are uninhabited.Canoeing and boating are popular pastimes here. www.outdoors.fi/paijannenp

Linnansaari National Park.

Linnansaari National Park is situated in the middle of Lake Haukivesi. Here,if you are lucky,you may catch a glimpse of the Saimaa Ringed Seal.The area has also one of the densest populations of ospreys in Finland.

Hiidenportti National Park

Hiidenportti National Park offers visitors unique nature experiences; it is located at a distance of about 50 km from Vuokatti. The heart of Hiidenportti National Park is the wildly magnificent Hiidenportti Gorge, which is also one of Kainuu’s most formidable natural wonders.

Isojarvi National Park.

The Isojarvi National Park is a place of special Scenic beauty and an excellent overnight stopping place to be surrounded by nature and wildlife.The park is suitable for hiking trips.The park contains more than 20 islands.

Camping Recipes

This page is dedicated to camping recipes, not just for those in tents or out for the week-end, but these are also perfect for motorhome and caravan owners who don’t want to be eating out all the time whilst away or else living on sandwiches. It is nice to eat out and have someone else do the dishes, of course we all like that, but everyday it gets a bit boring and most of all a bit expensive!

Camping Recipes

Lemmenjoki National Park.

This national park at Inari is the largest national park in Finland.Lemmenjoki is especially known for gold-digging. The gold-digging area and its history are unrivalled.It is a great destination for hikers and consists of river valleys, fells, forests and mires. Canoeing and fishing are popular activities here.

Petkeljarvi National Park

The Petkeljarvi National Park is the most eastern national park in Finland near Russian border. It is a small park and suitable for day trips.The lake area near Petkeljärvi and Ilomantsi is great for paddlers. Try paddling at night in June, it does not get dark at all, just a beautiful dusk and peace. At dawn you will probably see and hear nature at it’s best.
This is just the tip of the iceberg and there are many more stunning places to visit.

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