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Outdoor Activities in Finland


Hiking through Finland, home to the biggest wilderness areas in Europe, is the only way to discover the true beauty of this area. Breathe in the cleanest air in all of Europe as you experience the breathtaking beauty of the midnight sun. Enjoy picturesque forests, clear tree-fringed lakes and rivers as you recharge your batteries and listen to the silence that envelopes you. Renting a log cabin gives an ideal place to lay your head after a long days hiking and ensures that you will enjoy the stunning beauty that surrounds you all through the night as well as the day. The south is the most densely populated, but still has forests and coastal trails, the central region is characterized by it’s many lakes and the north offers forests, streams and open countryside. In early Autumn the landscape takes on the beautiful hues of the “ruska” season. There are seven national hiking trails within the 31 national parks, the largest of which are in the north. Other activities to be enjoyed in these areas are bird and reindeer watching, pony trekking and for the adventurous Cliff abseiling.


Cycling is a wonderful activity to undertake in Finland, Levi, situated in western Lapland and Levi bikepark is 170km above the Artic circle, which means that the sun shines 24 hours every day through the summer months. Finland does not have any big mountains and this makes for easier riding. There are graded trails within the bikepark to suit all abilities.In the winter Levi becomes a winter sports resort and there are many hotels in the area.


Eurovelo Information Guide

EuroVelo incorporates existing and planned national and regional cycle routes into a single European network. It currently consists of well over 45,000 km of bike paths


Dog sledding

Dog sledding is an old form of transport that has now become a popular, winter sporting activity and is the perfect way to get about in the winter months. Forget horse-power think dog power! the number of dogs attached to a sled depends on the load, the dogs are managed by a “musher” who stands behind the dogs. It is an exciting and exhilarating way to see the wintry depths of Finland and will be an adventure you will never forget. Don’t forget Finland freezes in November and this lasts until April, it is dark over the winter months but by March there will be 12 hours of daylight.


Fishing, whether on the coastal regions or in one of the many lakes or inland waterways, is excellent for salmon, perch, trout, pike,bream and roach. The low salt content in the sea around Finland means that fishing even in the coastal regions will yield both fresh and seawater fish.


Canoeing is an excellent way to see the beauty Finland has on offer and to glimpse, close up, the assortment of wildlife without frightening them away as you glide silently through the water. A Deer coming down to the waters edge for a drink or a startled pike staring back at you from the crystal clear water. The abundance of waterways and routes in Finland is unique, there are vast stretches of interlocking rivers, lakes, canals and channels, if you wanted you could drift along for weeks on end in your canoe or kayak.

Nordic walking

Nordic walking was invented in Finland and the terrain lends itself perfectly to this sport. Head off at your own pace and enjoy the countryside and towns alike. All you need are two ski poles and comfortable walking shoes and you are all set to start, and if the enjoyment is not enough then you will also be pleased to learn that you are giving yourself a complete body work-out while you go, so not only do you have a great holiday, see lots of Finland but you also go back home feeling and looking great!