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Driving in Finland, Laws and Regulations

Here are a few rules you should know about driving in Finland

* Drive on the right

* All cars must therefore be legally equipped with snow tyres during the winter months

*All cars are required to use headlights. In certain areas, such as built up ones, headlights should be on all the time.

*Cars must always be parked in the direction of moving traffic.

*The blood alcohol limit is 0.05. The police have the authority to randomly conduct breath analyzer tests and those found guilty can be arrested on the spot.

*Seatbelts are mandatory both at the front and back seats

*The minimum age requirement for driving is 18

*Trams always get priority

*The police are not authorized to collect fines on the spot. The amount of the fine depends on your income level.

*Use of horns is unlawful in towns and villages except during times of danger. Horns can also be used during low visibility

*There are no toll roads in Finland

Speed limit on Motorway: 100kph
Speed limit in Towns: 30-40kph
Speed limit on Major roads: 80-100kph

Speed limits for different vehicles

The highest permitted speeds for motorized vehicles travelling without any caravan or trailer are:

• 80 km/h for a van, special purpose vehicle, lorry or camper van; however, in the case of a van, special-purpose vehicle or camper van of unladen weight less than 1.8 tonnes which was first registered in 1981 or later, the limit is 100 km/h;80 km/h for buses; however, a limit of 100 km/h may apply if the vehicle has been inspected and approved for use at this speed and it does not carry any standing passengers;

• 60 km/h for a motorized vehicle with one or more unsprung axles;

• 45 km/h for a moped or light fourwheeler;

• 40 km/h for a snowmobile/motor sledge, except on snowmobile routes, where the limit is 60 km/ h; for powered work machines (e.g. cranes, hoists and excavators) and agricultural tractors, the limit is 40 km/h;

• 50 km/h for transport tractors;

• 20 km/h for a vehicle with metal caterpillar tracks or wheels not fitted with pneumatic tyres

Regulations on tyres in Finland

During the time of compulsory use of winter tyres the allowed tyre types are: winter tyres, tyres intended for all-season use and studded winter tyres.

Winter tyres (or tyres intended for all-season use) Compulsory from 1 December to 28 February.

Winter tyres without studs may be used throughout the year. Minimum tread groove 3 mm.

Studded winter tyres May be used from 1 November to 31 March or the Monday following Easter Monday if this is later than the end of March. However, the time period may be extended according to weather conditions.

Summer tyres May be used from 1 March to 30 November. Minimum tread groove 1.6 mm.

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