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Winter in Tampere, Finland

Tampere retains its warm character in the winter just dresses and behaves a little differently. The local landscapes, activities and events are different. The illuminations are lit, the theatre season is at its busiest. Father Christmas and his reindeer pull up at Kestkustori Central Square and the traditional Christmas Market inspires a festive mood. Get out and enjoy the winter delights. Traverse well lit tracks on cross-country skis, glide on touring skates for kilometres on end, stride out on snow shoes, carve the ski slopes, sledge down the hills with all the family and bob along with the ice floes. Amble across the ice to a sleeping island. Or maybe book a holiay cottage amid the pristine snow. Apart from a hot drink or a pair of woolen socks, what is it about winter that warms you the most.

Within the Tampere city limits alone there are more than 200 kilometres of ski tracks, of these 80 kilometres are lit.

Winter Swimming

Toughen yourself up with a temperature difference of 120 degrees. Run from a hot sauna through biting frost to a wonderfully chilly hole in the ice. Refreshing!! Winter swimming is possible at Kaukajarvi, Kaupinoja, Rauhaniemi, Suoljarvi,Suomensaari and Tchloppi.

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You must try a sauna on your visit to Tampere, aftr all, its an almost sacred experience for the Finns. The most traditional sauna in town is located in Pispala, its the Rajaportti sauna which has served the local community for more than 100 years and is the oldest public sauna still in use in Finland. A dip into the waves at Lake Näsijärvi or a rfreshing dip into a frozen lake during the winter is possible if you go to a sauna at Rauhaniemi or Kaupinoja both of which are within walking distance of the city centre.