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Helvetinjärvi National Park, Finland

Helvetinjärvi National Park,literally “Hell’s Lake national park” is a national park in the Pirkanmaa region in Finland. It is located in the municipality of Ruovesi and has an area of 49.8 square kilometres (19.2 sq mi). The park was founded in 1982 and is managed by the Metsähallitus. The park represents the wild forests of the Tavastia region. The area includes deep gorges and rugged scenery formed by faults running through the bedrock. The most impressive attraction is the cleft Helvetinkoluat the south-eastern end of Lake Helvetinjärvi. Today this rugged scenery attracts hikers for both day trips and camping. From the Park it is possible to walk all the way to Riuttaskorpi recreational forest and Seitseminen National Parkon hiking routes called Pirkan Taival.

Hiking Trails

Starting Points

The National Park marked trails are in the north and east. You can start from the convenience of parking areas to Haukanhieta,Kankimäki or Falcon River (canoeing).

Nature Trails

Hell to the east – nature Kankimäki Helvetinkolu, 4 km.Old, in some areas already badly eroded path will now replace the new circular trail that goes to the counter-clockwise. Erkaannuttuaan Kankimäki forest road coming north part of the trail winds through the brook especially spruce, brighter through pine forests and past mire depressions towards the rugged gorge. The southern part of takes the hiker across wet bogs, stunted pine bogs across the stream side forests Kankimäki eventually leading to the forest road. Along the route, can be admired in the rainy weather, a waterfall recovering a table or bench to sit back down and take a break from the beautiful mire landscape, where you can see signs. peat moss digging. The old path is disabled. A new path has been varrelleen the area’s natural and cultural history of the information boards.
Services: Kankimäki kiosk, Helvetinkolu campfire site and a day room. room and came out a place situated by the lake, so the hut required to visit about 200-askelmaisten stairs passing back and forth.

Other routes

  • Path Haukanhieta Helvetinkolu and back 11 km, leaving the south-east shore of Lake Falcon and runs up the hill ridges and down the gorge valleys. The terrain is hilly is very challenging because in some places, so the trip is to book well worth the time.Steepest slopes of the stairs.
    Services: Haukanhieta water faucet, a cooking shelter and campfire site and, with a big Ruokejärvet camping, Helvetinkolu campfire site and a day room.
  • Path Helvetinkolu Luoma Lake and back, 7.4 km, passing through the oldest forests of the park. Luoma Lake belongs to the same fault lake formation as the United Helvetinjärvi. Return by the same path.
  • Services: Helvetinkolu campfire site and a day room, Luoma Lake cooking shelter and a camping site.
  • Note: The path to the construction of the new tire is also inspired by the Lake Luoma-consuming path. Rock climbing place you want to built at the crossroads of Luoma Lake hiked should continue straight ahead along the old path, the new path will take you to the left branching Kankimäki towards the car park.
  • Trails in the Tampere Taipale, 300 km, several routes, and the appropriate starting and ending points are the Helvetinjärvi and SeitseminenNational Parks. The route also connects the two parks.

Other Hiking Tips

  • My paths. within the National Park hike with a map and compass also marked paths outside. Hawk restricted area of Lake, where it is prohibited to 15.4. – 31.7., Is marked with outdoor maps and brochures.
  • Destinations prams and / or wheelchair : The National Park terrain is challenging due to mäkisyytensä.Barrier-free path of travel is the only Haukanhieta and its surrounding area.Wheelchair users will need assistance.
  • In winter, The National Park can be a leisurely walk, cross-country skis and snowshoes. Park area, trunk roads are plowed. Trails are not maintained in the winter, but the path Kankimäki Helvetinkolu is often around the year. On the south side of the park passes if weather conditions allow Kuru-Ruovesi-country skiing trail, which is maintained by Ylöjärven (www.ylojarvi.fi) city and Ruoveden (www.ruovesi.fi) base.

Information courtesy of – http://www.luontoon.fi/

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