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Water Sports in Dubai

After taking a tour of the breathtaking modern wonders of Dubai, step back in time and discover the city’s rich heritage and culture. You’ll be surprised to see how Dubai has transformed drastically and yet maintained its strong foundations of the past. In fact, the city’s customs are firmly rooted in Islamic traditions, providing strength and inspiration to all aspects of everyday life.

Jet skiing

Go on an enthralling trip as you deftly manoeuvre the jet ski, and race with the wind through the refreshing waters off Dubai’s coast. Feel the water spray all over your body as you sharply power slide around corners and zip across the waves to make this ride even more exciting.


Let the mighty sea breeze carry you higher as you go parasailing above the aquamarine waters of the Arabian Sea. Take in the breathtaking view of the endless ocean from above, as you’re pulled by a high-powered speed boat.


Experience the heart-pounding action of wakeboarding, the aquatic equivalent of snow boarding. Step on the wakeboard, and using the momentum of the speed boat, create a big wake to pull off some amazing stunts.


Push yourself to the limit in this extreme sport. Instead of the speed boat, enjoy the unpredictability of the sea wind as it pulls your kite in the direction that it chooses. An adventure only for the brave hearted, do take some formal instructions before kitesurfing. With the high-speed winds in Dubai, experience true freedom and get your adrenaline gushing.


Feel the cool sea breeze rush through your hair as you go windsurfing. Choose from a wide variety of boards available here and head into the inviting waters. Let the wind carry you around in this thrilling sport.

Speed boating

Go on an exciting adventure by renting some of the fastest speed boats in the region. A great way to get away from it all, experience the unique bumps in the sea as your boat races against the wind.

Deep sea fishing

Hire a boat and go deep sea fishing to get some prize catches like the hammour, barracuda, shark and sailfish. The best fishing period is from October through April, although there are still some catches that you can get during the summer months such as the sailfish and queenfish. Stop your boat over a reef or wreck if you wish to catch small and medium fish.


Escape into the water and go sailing, which is one of the most popular pastimes in Dubai. Choose from any of the sailing boats, dinghies or traditional dhows and relax as you listen to the rhythmic sounds of the waves.


There’s nothing like an energising swim in the sun-kissed waters of the Arabian Sea while you get yourself a deep tan. Enjoy the company of people from all over the world as you dip into the most popular waters of the region.

Scuba diving

Prolific marine life, good underwater visibility, a profusion of coral reefs and easily accessible wrecks make Dubai the preferred destination for scuba divers. Dive into the deep ocean and discover the mysteries that await you underwater.Make sure you carry your International Diving Licence; and if you don’t possess one, then simply attend the special diving courses ranging from an introductory dive to technical diving from international training organisations like PADI, BSAC, CMAS, NAUI, IANTD, HAS and many more. Whether you are a novice or an expert, with top-notch diving equipment and experienced dive masters, you can rest assured you’ll have a safe and comfortable diving experience. Choose from any of the challenging dives for ship wrecks, marine life or coral reefs, but if you have more time on hand then all three are worth a shot. As you go down to the ocean bed, explore the various ship wrecks that range in depth from 12 to 80 metres. Most of the wrecks have gone down due to bad weather or marine accidents and few have been created to form artificial reefs. Diving here will also give you an opportunity to see the various waterfront developments like the Palm, the World and many more.

As you visit the following popular wreck sites with your dive master, be amazed by the wide range of marine life here, which also includes whale sharks and dolphins during winter.

Sheikh Mohammed Barge

Enter this former working barge that was deliberately sunk approximately 12 nautical miles offshore on the order of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum to create an artificial reef. Go a little further and find another boat and lifting crane amongst a large variety of marine life.

Barge Sarraf

About 7 nautical miles off Jumeirah, discover the 42-metre long coastal motor vessel, which is in close proximity to a car barge complete with various vehicles and a tug boat. These vessels have been lying upright in 22 metres of water since it sank in 1985, and provide a good opportunity for a limited penetration dive. Observe a multitude of fish including barracuda, guitar sharks and spotted eagle rays.

Cement Barge

Approximately ten minutes from Dubai, is the 25-metre long vessel that sits upright in 10 metres of water. Enjoy this relatively easy dive, which is ideal for novices. Take this splendid opportunity to see colourful fish like the clownfish, parrotfish and stingray.

Port Rashid Wrecks

As you swim through the breakwater at Dubai Dry Dock, which is the final resting place for a number of wrecks, explore vessels like the LC Beauty Judy, an 8.5-metre landing craft, a tug boat – MV Ant and Nasser, a 9.8-metre long motor vessel. These vessels lie in approximately 16 metres of water and provide a great opportunity for some interesting exploration.

MV Dara

Considered to be one of the most historic wrecks on the West Coast, MV Dara was sunk in 1961 by an Omani mine and resulted in a loss of 238 lives. Take a closer look at the ship which lies on her starboard side in 20 metres of water. Dara is 399 ft in length and weighs a massive 5,030 tons. Explore this site which is classified as one of the advanced dives due to tidal influences. Snorkelling In case you don’t have a licence for scuba diving, then grab the opportunity to go snorkelling. Enjoy the colourful coral reefs as you swim by in the company of turtles. Also, catch a rare glimpse of the harmless reefshark that lives in the Arabian Sea.

Dubai International Marine Club hosts a wide variety of water sport events throughout the year. So when you are in Dubai, don’t miss the opportunity to experience any of these action-packed events live.

UIM Class 1 World Offshore Powerboat Championship Dubai has played an important role in the development of powerboat racing in the Middle East. With contestants coming in from all over the world, this much-awaited event is packed with tremendous excitement. It is also very popular because the country is home to the Victory Team, which is one of the best powerboat teams in the world.

Dubai International Sailing Week Regatta Since 2000, the Dubai International Sailing Week Regatta has been making world headlines every year. With over 160 international sailors participating, this mega-event is usually held in the month of January.

Dubai Traditional Dhow Sailing Race Held at regular intervals from September to May, the Dhow Sailing Race is definitely the most spectacular event on Dubai’s water sports calendar. The sight of majestic wooden dhows racing through the aquamarine waters, strikingly evoke the Arabian traditions of yesteryear.

Dubai International Kitesurfing Tournament During the month of March, kitesurfing enthusiasts from around the world flock to Dubai for this breathtaking event. Here, you can enjoy watching experts perform some amazing stunts. The tournament also holds a separate competition for racing and freestyle tricks. So whether you want to feel the excitement of water sports or escape to serenity underwater, you’re sure to find it all in the multifaceted city of Dubai.

For further information, contact any of the following water sport facilities:

• Dubai International Marine Club
Tel: +971 4 3995777
Website: www.dimc-uae.com

• Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort and Marina
Tel: +971 4 3993333

• One & Only Royal Mirage
Tel: +971 4 3999999

• Madinat Jumeirah
Tel: +971 4 3668888
Website: www.madinatjumeirah.com

• The Jumeirah Beach Club
Tel: +971 4 3445333
Website: www.jumeirah.com

• Dubai Water Sports Association
Tel: +971 4 3241031
Website: www.dwsa.net

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