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Museums in Olomouc

Information on Museums in the city of Olomouc

Olomouc boasts interesting museums. The Archdiocesan Museum, which is part of the Olomouc Museum of Art, is a unique one. In addition to the tour of the Olomouc Castle remains, visitors will see a permanent exhibition of visual arts of the Olomouc Archdiocese of the past millennium.

Near the above mentioned Museum of Art you will find the Regional Museum, housed in the former church of St. Clare with the monastery of Poor Clares. The Museum holds several permanent exhibitions. The favourite ones include The Prehistory of Olomouc, Geology and Mineralogy and the display of remains of the original Olomouc Astronomical Clock.

In the surroundings of Olomouc there are several museums with unusual exhibitions, such as Museum of Olomoucké Tvaruzky (a ripened soft cheese) in Lostice, the Folk architecture open-air museumin Príkazy or the Museum of vintage cars in Slatinice and others.

Regional Museum

The Regional Museum in Olomouc continues the tradition of older Olomouc museums, dating back to the mid-19th century, and of a number of formerly separate museums in the city and its surrounding area. For many years it covered the former Olomouc Region and later a substantial portion of the Northmoravian Region. Today, the museum’s activity is formally defined by the territory of the Olomouc District. With regard to the nature of its collections in the fields of prehistory, history and present time in the social and natural sciences it covers not only central Moravia, but a wider area with forays into foreign countries. Along with professional treatment and evaluations of collections the Museum also deals with completion and registration of applications for the export of cultural objects.

Museum of Modern Art

The Museum of Modern Art in Olomouc is located in an Art Nouveau building at the Republic Square and contains collections of fine and commercial arts. The so-called „Three-nave hall“(Trojlodí) and the cabinets on the first floor serve to hold temporary exhibitions of Czech and international art. The Museum specializes in visual art of the 20th and 21st centuries. It holds long-term and short-term exhibitions of Czech and foreign modern art. One of the most successful exhibitions has been the one of Victor Vasarely, founder of the famous art direction op-art, as well as the exhibition of most popular Czech painter and illustrator Josef Lada.

On the second floor there is a permanent exhibition devoted to Dutch painting of the 16th to 18th century from the collection founded by the Bishop of Olomouc, Karl II. of Liechtenstein-Castelcorn. From the attic you can climb to a lookout glass turret, from where you can get an interesting view of the historical city centre.

Aviation Museum

The Aviation Museum Olomouc was founded in July 2009 as an idea of aviation collector and theatre actor Zdenek Svobodnik. The co-founder, Dr. Roman Sperl has been a significant supporter of the museum as well. He is a collector of aviation technology and, among other things, has helped immensely with the expansion of exhibits leading to increasing interest and international acclaim.

The museum team is made up of people of diverse expertise, from aircraft mechanics, veteran and active pilots, engineers, to “mere” aviation and aircraft hobbyists associated in the 1st Training Air Regiment. Together they are building this Aviation museum focused mainly on the history of Czechoslovak aviation.

Alongside the museum, they are establishing a restoration workshop, an air depository and an archive, too.

All these activities are voluntary and could not occur without the support of the Statutory City of Olomouc, which provided two hangars with a total area of 8,000 square meters for these purposes.

Veteran Car Areana

The newly opened museum of vintage cars has already found its fans. About a hundred cars and 200 other exhibits, many of which are truly unique or the last surviving specimens, have found their place in Olomouc-Chválkovice. All vehicles are in perfect condition and all their accessories remain.

This Olomouc Museum offers a unique spectacle for admirers of engineering and history of all age groups. You can see, for example, the Tatra 75 Sport, which was produced in only three pieces and in which the popular film actor Hugo Haas liked to run about. Also worth mentioning among the younger models are the Tatra 700 or Tatra 11, built in 1924. The most expensive exhibit is the Tatra 17 Sport.

Railway Museum

The Technical Museum in Olomouc introduces visitors to treasures that were rolling on rails in the last century. You can see steam engines as well as more recent machines. Altogether the exposition presents 9 railway vehicles – steam, Diesel and electric ones. Most cars are functioning and carry passengers during nostalgia rides. One of the most valuable exhibits on display is the Rosnicka locomotive or a steam locomotive built for the Emperor Ferdinand North Railway Company in 1898. It is this history of the erstwhile North Railway Company and its fate during the twentieth century on which the new museum should focus. Gradually it should be extended by a further 11 cars.

Information courtesy of Olomouc Tourism

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