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Buildings and Palaces in Olomouc

Historic houses and palaces, especially those lining the Upper Square and its adjoining streets, enhance the ancient impression of the city. The opulent palaces and town-houses are a dignified counterpart to religious architecture and make an integral part of the historic city centre.

The most important palaces include the Baroque Archbishop’s Palaceor the Renaissance Edelmann’s Palace with a richly decorated facade. Also noteworthy is the Romanesque Bishop’s Palace, formerly better known as the P?emyslid Palace, which belonged to the very top of European Romanesque architecture. Western and northern perimeter walls with double and triple Romanesque windows have been preserved. The palace is open to the public.

The Olomouc Town Hall, an important Renaissance monument, is the main landmark of the Upper Square, which you can also view from theTown Hall tower. The other historical stages have left their mark in Olomouc as well, such as the Art Nouveau villa Primavesi – one of the architectural gems, which you certainly shouldn’t forget on your tour of Olomouc. Modern architecture adding a contemporary look to the city is also represented.

Information courtesy of Olomouc Tourism