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Masaryk circuit, Brno, Czech Republic

The Masaryk circuit – Masarykuv okruh, or Masarykring, now referred to as the Brno Circuit, refers two Czech racing circuits located close to the city of Brno. The original circuit was made up of public roads, and at its longest measured nearly 19 miles (31 km). In the 1930s, events such as the Masaryk Grand Prix attracted top teams and drivers. Racing on the roads ended after 1986, when the current permanent circuit was opened within the bounds of the original roads. The annual Moto GP Grand Prix of the Czech Republic is the circuit’s most important event. The World Touring Car Championship, Formula Two, FIA GT1 and Superbike World Championship also race at the circuit. The track is named after the first president of Czechoslovakia, Tomáš Masaryk.

The current permanent road racing circuit was opened in 1987. It lies north of Kyvalka, within the bounds of the circuit used in the 1930s, but not incorporating any of the public roads. The motorcycle race moved to the new circuit and regained its status as a round of the world championship. A World Sports Car Championship race was held in 1988, and a round of the A1 Grand Prix series in 2006

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