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Brno, Czech Republic

Brno is a city offering friendly, cosmopolitan atmosphere, colourful festivities; it is a city twined by grapevine and shaped up by ancient wine- growing traditions. The Czech saying “small things are nice “ holds true here. A quick tour of the historic centre takes only a few hours and you will still have some time left to explore interesting sights and exchange a few words with people you meet along the way.

Brno is:-

  • the second largest city in the Czech Republic with almost 400,000 inhabitants
    a centre of universities,science, research and innovations
    a city of interesting architecture, notably from the period of Functionalism a city of Villa Tugendhat, the only modern architecture landmark in the Czech Republic inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List
    a city that boasts two castles– Spilberk and Veverí
    a city of exhibitions and fairs; the exhibition centre was ceremonially opened in 1928
    a bishop’s seat; the Brno Bishopric was founded in 1777
  • home to the tallest building in the Czech Republic (AZ Tower, 111m)
    a place where you can admire the most peculiar clockwork in the Czech Republic (námestí Svobodysquare)
    a city with the largest ossuary in Europe located at St.James‘ Church
    a city where the cathedral bells on Petrov chime middayat 11 o’clock; this relates to a legend dating from the time of the Swedish siege during the Thirty Years‘ War
    a cityof cafés, summer celebrations, festivals and fireworks
    venue of the World Motorcycle Championship and other important sports events

Religious Heritage

  • St. James’ Church 8 Jakubské nám. Late Gothic church with a 94m tall tower and an ossuary open to the public.
  • Old Brno Abbey and the Basilica of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Gothic Cistercian convent, since 1783 an Augustinian abbey. The father of genetics, G. J. Mendel, was one of the abbots of the monastery, and the organ was played here by youngLeosJanácek.
  • Capuchin Church of Finding of the Holy Cross with a crypt. The crypt under the Capuchin Church that is open to the public is the final resting place of the members of the Order and other dignitaries.
  • Hus Congregation. The first modern Functionalist-style sacral structure in the city and one of the first structures of this type in Europe.
  • The Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul – The original Romanesque basilica on the Petrov hillock rebuilt in the Gothic style. The Gothic Revival style modifications come from the beginning of the 20th century. Besides the Baroque interior of the cathedral, both towers and the crypt are open to the public. The cathedral along with Spilberk Castle create the characteristic skyline of the city of Brno. You can descend from Petrov along the upper terrace of the Capuchin gardens to the Denisovy sady park.
  • Old Town Hall – The oldest and most interesting secular building in Brno, the seat of town councillors from mid-13th century. The council moved to the New Town Hall in Dominican Square as late as 1935. It features the legendary Gothic portal with a crooked turret and the passage „inhabited” by the famous dragon, beloved and respected symbol of the city of Brno. You can also visit its tower with a look-out gallery, information centre and exhibition spaces.

The rumour has it that the stone master was not paid for the portal of the Old Town Hall and therefore he intentionally crooked the central turret in the portal.

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