Spring Caravan Check

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When the long, cold winter has finally gone and the first signs of spring are here again it is time to prepare your caravan for its first outing of the year. This is what we all look forward to, but before hitting the road there are a few things to take care of to ensure that your caravan is sweet smelling, comfortable, packed with essentials, and above all, safe and road-worthy.

Spring Caravan Check

Road Safety

After being stored for the winter your caravan will need some tender loving care to make sure that your trips will be safe and trouble-free. Check the tyres for any signs of cracks, bulging or wear. Tyres can sustain damage when left for long periods unmoved. Check tyre pressure and tread and ensure that all the nuts are secure and there is no sign of any rust. Next inspect the brakes and ensure that they are adjusted and clean. Test all the lights and make sure that all the bulbs are in working order. Test the hitch and treat to a bit of grease.


Check the bodywork for any tell-tale signs of damp, mould or leaks. Give a good wipe over and polish up the shine, keeping your caravan clean will prolong its life and value. Check the windows, doors and roof vents/windows for any leaks.


The interior will need a bit of fresh air after being closed up for so long, so try and choose a pleasant day and open the windows and let the air blow through. Hopefully there will be no signs of damp, but if there is a musty smell deal with it straight away. Give the cupboards a wipe over and also the fridge and freezer before switching on. Turn on the gas and test the system as well as the hose safety appliances. Light the burners on the cooker and oven to test everything is in good working order. Make sure the ventilation system is clean.


Partly fill the water tanks and then let the water back out to flush the system and ensure it is all clean.


Test all the alarms (including any fire alarms) to ensure everything is in full working order and if the batteries have been removed, check that they are fully charged before fitting back in the caravan.


If extras have been stored in the garage over the winter, then check that they are clean, dry and fresh before placing them back in the caravan. Freshen up all stored bedding and towels. Check the hinges and moving parts of table and chairs to ensure that they are in good working order. Connect up any electrical appliances that have been removed over the winter and test.


If you have not had your annual inspection over winter then check now when it will be due. It is also a good idea to go through all your caravan paperwork and make sure that it is all in order and up-to-date.

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