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With so many different types of boats, choosing the right one for your needs can seem a long and daunting task. However if you know what your boating needs are you can narrow down your search dramatically. Do you want to fish in the local lake, Jet Ski behind a power boat, cruise around your local bay or sail across the Atlantic? If you know what your needs are, the right boast is out there for you.

Different Kinds of Boats

Bass BoatBass Boat

A Bass boat constructed from aluminium or fibreglass, is a small sleek boat which is primarily built for fishing. Bass boats can carry up to three anglers comfortably and have very good movability to help in smaller water and with fishing. Bass boats are usually propelled by two means: an outboard motor, which moves the boat swiftly from place to place; and a trolling motor, which moves the boat at a slow pace through an area where the angler is fishing.

BowriderBow Rider

Bow Rider boats are one of the most popular family boats with seating for up to ten people on some. Easy runabout boats with open seating in the bow area and swimming platforms at the stern make these boats a favourite of many. Bow riders are suited to lakes and inland water and our excellent for many sporting activities from water skiing to fishing. This type of runabout boat is powered by a variety of types of engine, depending on the size of the boat and the style. Some are designed to go quite fast, while others are intended to be used for more casual cruising.

Cabin CruiserCabin Cruiser

A Cabin Cruiser is a boat which provides accommodation for its passengers. Varying in size, up to around 45ft, the cabin cruiser will have a toilet, kitchen and sleeping for at least one. Also available on many models are air conditioning, heating and generators. These are perfect boats if you want to travel a little further and not rush home. Cabin cruisers are also very popular because even though they offer living accommodation on board, they are still small enough (certain models), to be stored on trailers and towed by certain vehicles.


A catamaran is a boat with parallel hulls. The boats stability comes from having a wide beam instead of a ballasted beam like a monohull. Being ballast free, they can move through the water at faster speeds and can also offer a more comfortable ride than a conventional boat. Catamarans are also more efficient. Catamarans may be driven by sail and/or engine. Catamarans originally were small yachts, but now some ships and ferries have adopted the parallel hull layout as it offers increased speed, stability and comfort.

Centre ConsoleCentre Console

A centre console boat is a fishing boat built for rough offshore waters to catch ocean fish. The single decked boat has its console in the middle of the boat (a console is where you sail the boat from and will have the steering, radio and controls for the boat), to allow its passengers to walk from bow to stern without any obstruction. It also allows you fish from all angles of the boat. In general there is no weather protection or berths, making the design ill-suited to cruising. The console may have a T-Top cover to provide limited relief from the sun and rain, but this is not universal because it interferes with fishermen’s casting. Most centre consoles are powered by outboard motors.

Cuddy CabinCuddy Cabins

Cuddy cabin boats are small and sleek and offer a small cosy room under cover which has seats and/or can be converted into a bed for sleeping. Popular for family trips out on the water, and for families who want a little shelter and storage space but do not want to upgrade to a full cabin boat. Constructed from aluminium or fibreglass, cuddy cabin boats start at around 4.75m and go up from there.


Dinghies, used as rowboats, sailboats and life crafts are a very versatile boat and can be used at any level. Small children often use them to play in and discover boating. Dinghies are also used on larger boats as a second boat and means of transport where the mother ship cannot get into the shallow waters. Dinghies also make good companion boats for camping trips or for fishing smaller waters. Oars and small outboard engines are the main methods of propulsion.

High Performance, Go Fast BoatHigh Performance/Go Fast Boat

These boats are the sports cars of the ocean. High speeds and excellent handling make these boats the thrill seekers choice. More recently known as Cigarette boats, these boats where first used in the prohibition era to transport illegal liquor and can typically travel at speeds over 80knots in calm water and 50 knots in choppy water. Marrying big horsepower with sleek hulls these boats are difficult to detect by radar except on flat calm seas or at close range. A typical go-fast is built of fiberglass, with a deep “V” offshore racing hull from usually 30 to 50 feet (10 to 15 m) long, narrow in beam, and equipped with two or more powerful engines, often with more than 1000 combined horsepower.

jet-boatJet Boat

A Jet Boat, like a Bow Rider offers seating and places to relax in the sun, plus a fun filled ride, however they are different in the way they are propelled by a by a jet of water ejected from the back of the craft. Unlike a powerboat or motorboat that uses a propeller in the water below or behind the boat, a jet boat draws the water from under the boat into a pump inside the boat, then expels it through a nozzle at the stern.

Motor-Yacht, CruiserMotor-Yacht/Cruiser

These boats are driven by powerful single or twin diesel engines and are ideal for cruising the ocean or navigating large river systems. Due to their cabins, kitchen and bathrooms, they also offer their occupants the choice of spending days or weeks on board. Motor yachts are the perfect boat for spending time away with your family or for entertaining at the docks. Sedan-style boats feature ample deck space and swim platforms, with a helm in the cabin, while fly bridge cruisers offer an elevated driving position and sometimes an additional saloon on the bridge deck.


Sailboats or Sailing Boats are propelled partly or entirely by wind. Sails are used to transfer the power of the wind to push the boat through the water. A great number of sailboat-types may be distinguished by size, hull configuration, keel type, purpose, number and configuration of masts, and sail plan.


Recreational trawlers are pleasure boats which resemble fishing trawlers. They can also be called cruising trawlers or trawler yachts. Trawlers are efficient and are designed to move through the water with minimum fuel consumption and power. This makes them ideal for long range cruising and weekends away. Trawlers will have facilities such as cabins for sleeping, a galley for cooking as well as heating and air conditioning. Trawlers can handle big rivers, lakes and oceans in average conditions. Usually trawlers have a single engine, though twin engine installations are also available from some builders. They have a large fuel capacity. Fuel range is normally 1,500-3,000 miles on smaller vessels, even greater for those over 45 ft in length. When combined with the slower speeds of a displacement hull, these features give such vessels far greater range and economy than similarly sized boats.

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