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Beginners Guide to Buying a Boat

Buying a Boat

With two thirds of the Earth covered in water buying a boat may seem the logical choice to many, however the practicality of owning and maintaining a boat to others may seem too expensive to consider. This guide is to offer the choice of owning a boat to all

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Winterizing your Boat

Winterize your boat

The fun of summer and playing in your boat slowly draws to an end and as Mid October arrives it is probably the time to start to think of winterizing your boat. Packing it away for the winter is not want we want to think about but it is an important of boat ownership

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Different boats

With so many different types of boats, choosing the right one for your needs can seem a long and daunting task. However, if you know what your boating needs are you can narrow down your search dramatically. Do you want to fish in the local lake, Jet Ski behind a power boat, cruise around your local bay or sail across the Atlantic? If you know what your needs are, the right boat is out the for you.

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Sailing Boat