Ten Day Trip to Europe, Day 9

Day 9

Gosh! Our next to last day! Time is rushing by just far too quickly unlike good Old Father Rhine who just flows slowly but steadily by and on whose shores we are parked as we wake this grey December morning. Even as I watch the grey skies slowly edge with blue and a promise of brighter weather. The large, heavily laden barges chug along in both directions, many weighed down low in the water with the weight of their cargo. I lazily take a couple of photos through the rain-splattered window, its too cold to venture out just yet. The promise of better weather is not materialising and we have a mixed bag of rain and watery sunshine mixed with a cold wind but even so the drive along the Rhine towards Koblenz is pleasant.

Girl browsing clothes rails

Once here it is shopping time, stocking up on things I cant get back home and a few treats for Christmas. Koblenz is a great city for shopping and after having exhausted ourselves with the shops its time for a tasty meal and good coffee before heading off once more. The original idea of making for Luxembourg is not now feasible as it would entail going back down to travel up again, we would normally fill the tank there as it is generally cheaper but luck is with us and the price of the diesel has dropped today from around the €1.46 mark to €1.23, not on the petrol though. We only need half a tank and we are full and ready to head off, making for Aachen and then into Belgium. A visit to Bruges tomorrow before leaving for home would be lovely and finish our trip off beautifully.

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