Ten Day Trip to Europe, Day 7

Day 7

Alas the morning has come that we again have to leave Dornbirn. During the night there has been a dusting of snow on the higher ground but nothing down in the town, it is obviously waiting for us to leave first and we even bought winter tyres before we left home so we would be prepared! After another huge breakfast we bid our friends goodbye and make for Bregenz and then the German border and motorway heading for Ulm. The drive up to Karlsruhe has been quite bad weather wise, the winds are very strong today and it has poured down the whole way along.

The rain finally eases off as we pass Landau and we spot a family of four deers in a nearby field looking for food. The rain is so heavy that we are unable to visit anywhere else today, so and early night with a good book.

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