Ten Day Trip to Europe, Day 5

Day 5

Its morning and I’m still on my high horse regarding Lindau and its Camperstop. We did stay overnight as we needed to sleep but thinking back to how nice it used to be here when they charged a reasonable amount, had water and toilet emptying facilities AND the bus came into the parking area took you into Lindau and the fare was included in the price of the parking, well what a change, no wonder there are no other motorhomes here, the two that were went early on (haha wonder why) , putting up the charges will bring in less money, there are only a handful of cars here this morning,their charges must have gone up too. Well thats got that of my chest, I’ve had my shower and my breakfast so lets head off to Austria and enjoy the rest of the day.

Passing the the now deserted border into Austria brings us on the road running along the Bodensee (Lake Constance), the mist has cleared and the view over the lake towards the snow-capped Swiss mountains is breathtakingly beautiful. We make a stop in Bregenz and have a wander around the market stalls stopping to have a taste of mountain cheese and smoked hams before making our way to Dornbirn. Once here, after admiring the views, we spend a pleasant afternoon shopping before meeting up with friends with whom we will be staying.

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