Ten Day Trip to Europe, Day 4

Day 4

It is the feast day of St Nicholas today, a day which is celebrated very much by the children here in Germany. The supermarkets have been full of fancy chocolates and small gifts for the ones who have been good. Our little table in our van is also laden with chocs, fruit and a stollen we must have been very good!! The rain has been pounding down all night but this morning looks more promising and there are nice blue patches showing through the clouds.

Leaving Freudenstadt we head towards Alpirsbach 11 miles away. In the daylight we can see that the fir trees are bowed down with the amount of pine cones on their branches, its as though they have been decorated in readiness for Christmas. Parking just outside the brewery shop in Alpirsbach we are worried to see that it is closed!! But on closer inspection are relieved to see it opens at 11am, its five minutes to now, good timing. Christmas beer and Winter liquor safely stowed away we head towards Triberg, 27 miles away. We notice that there is a motorhome parking stop signposted close to the shops, make mental note of that for when we have time for a longer visit. Really like this whole area. Passing through the villages you can see the neat piles of chopped logs stacked up in readiness for the winter and the gardens all tidy. The bakeries are just so inviting with breads and cakes and many have a cafe section, what a welcoming combination of baking and coffee aromas

The drive through the Black Forest is lovely and we just have to make a stop at the House of 1000 Clocks and admire the ornate cuckoo clocks inside. Only a couple of kilometres further and we arrive at Triberg, home to the highest waterfall in Germany. Parking on the designated motorhome parking area, we take a stroll down into the town and spend a pleasant couple of hours. It is a lot quieter than in the summer but still plenty to see. Its time now to make our way further south and head for Lindau before going on to Austria in the morning. The camperstop at Lindau is large but only two vans parked there, I know why, the price!! €20 for 24 hours! This is the most expensive one we have ever come across, almost the same price as a hotel!

Think we will move on especially as everything is closed NO WATER, NO TANK EMPTYING, NOTHING. BAD, BAD, BAD.

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