Ten Day Trip to Europe, Day 10

Day 10

That has been the coldest night so far, frost is sparkling everywhere this morning but the silver lining is that the sky is clear and blue. I jump out of bed to switch on the heating and water before snuggling back under the covers until the motorhome has warmed up. A quick shower and a good fresh cup of coffee before heading off once more. Its an easy drive to Bruges and we get there quite quickly the problems come when we try to park!!! 😤 best part of two hours are spent finding a parking place and even having a lovey young man driving ahead of us and helping us to find somewhere without a height restriction, we end up parking in the Camperstop at the canal and paying €19, (€25 in summer) just to be sure we dont get towed away or a hefty fine. Oh well all part of the fun! Lets get into the centre.

It’s a pleasant walk to the town centre, first along the canal and then past assortment of shops. The streets are festivity decorated and there is lots to look at. At the first square we come to there is a Christmas market with a good variety of stalls and then walking further along we come to the main square with a larger Christmas market and ice rink. The square is really beautiful with wonderful Christmas lights and the surrounding buildings in different colours with their individual shaped roof facades. As it starts to get dark the lights twinkle brighter and the horse-drawn carriages gallop past at quite a pace. The chocolate shops are calling out to me so I just have to go in and buy a small selection which I enjoy as we walk back in the direction of the motorhome. It has been a perfect ending to our wonderful holiday and now back to Dunkirque and the ferry to Dover.

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