Ten Day to Europe, Day 2

Day 2

Today is a late start as the need for sleep kicked in and we have lost an hour with European time, but the sun is shining and we are on holiday, hooray! Coffee and cereal and we head off towards the German border. The motorway is not too busy and if it wasn’t for the lorries could have been described as quiet. We pass one of our favourite places for shopping, Koblenz, we will catch that on the return journey, and don’t stop till Alzey where there is a Real Supermarket right next to the motorway. Here we indulge in our first Fleischkase brot and sweet pastries and real coffee!! Mmmm this is heaven.

Back on the motorway we discuss where we should head to, really should have done this before leaving home, but that would have been too organised for us. At four o,’clock it is already beginning to go dark and a last minute decision takes us to Bad Durkheim on the German wineroad. It’s freezing cold but the warm white lights from windows look cosy and welcoming, we are glad we came away. The Christmas market here is only on at weekends so after a walk to stretch our legs we continue to Neustadt, only  a few miles further on. The motorhome parking is on Martin Luther Strasse and handy for walking up to town. Its a straight walk along one road and we are at the Old Town centre and the square in front of the Town Hall and the Stiffskirche is filled with twinkling lights, decorated chalets selling a variety of warming Gluhwein, sausages and sweet treats. It all looks so festive and pretty.

Inside the church is a huge crib with wooden carved life-sized statues, the crib empty awaiting the arrival of baby Jesus on Christmas Eve. Its been a lovely evening and time to get back to the motorhome. I think we will take a short-cut back (note I have no sense of direction) after a few turns I think I’ll just check we are heading in the right direction from a traffic warden who is happily giving out tickets, oh dear we have to retrace our steps and go back the way we came. The traffic warden finds all this most amusing as he informs us we only have about 3 kilometres to walk. My husband pales at the thought but the walk will do us good and the fresh air will clear our heads after the Gluhwein. Arriving back at our motorhome,thankful to be back, its time for bed and dreams of what tomorrow will bring.

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