Motorhome Conversion

Converting my Van to a Motorhome

I have always had a love of travelling and as I am getting older, the love has been heightened with social media showing pictures of places that I never knew. Mountain scenery that takes your breath away and small walled cities that are waiting to be explored. I find the thought of package holidays boring and confined. I need freedom, to explore to discover new and wonderful things and also to meet like-minded people who are also searching.

I have had caravans before but even them I found tied me down. They didn’t give me the freedom I needed to be completely free. I had always wanted a motorhome, however the price of them is very high, and for the mileage I want to do, the cheaper ones I would not find reliable enough to climb the Alps one day, and travel the hundreds of miles the next. I need a new van, the layout I want but at a price I can afford. That leaves me one option, a self-build. I know the thought can be daunting and the work in doing one can also be a frightening thought, but I think…, I know I can do it. I will browse the internet, reading other people’s work, solve problems, and talk to people I know, because it is the best way of having the perfect van.

I will want to wild camp as much as possible so the van will have to solar panels and plenty of spare batteries. I will need to have room for two large gas bottles, a large double bed and a full bathroom. I will also need space for my outdoor table and chairs, although they won’t be the largest, but they will be undercover with the awning I will add. I know I want a lot, however with a bit of thought and imagination, I know it will all fit in, and I will share my work, pictures and ideas with you as I go along. I’m sure I will make mistakes, as does everyone but at the end, I will have the van of my dreams, built to my standard and with the layout that I choose. It will also be my freedom and my gateway to exploring this fabulous world we live in.

Find out all about my conversion here

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