Liverpool Christmas Market

Liverpool Christmas Market

This is just a quick blog today to tell you I have visitied Liverpool Christmas Market and to let you know what I thought.

I have been lucky enough to travel and visit Christmas Markets across the world, so I suppose im a little spoilt and now I expect good things when I visit new places. Liverpool is a world class destination and is visited by over 60 million people a year so I think its fair to expect something good from the christmas market. The city has so much culture and history and this is where the Christmas Market is based, in the cultural quarter, outside St Georges Hall. The setting is wonderful, however, for me, the Market doesnt really work. It is very small, and out the way, and that is the main problem for me. The main shopping area, Liverpool one and the Albert Dock, probably the most visited place in Liverpool are quite a distance away. If you had parked in the Albert Dock or Liverpool One, where the cities main car parks are, you would easily have a twenty minute walk, and if you were disabled, this is unacceptable.

Dont get me wrong, I am not here to tell you how bad it is. I love Liverpool, it is one of my favourite cities and that is why i expected more. Liverpool council could do more, and there are certainly better places for it to be situated. I think it is too easy to except mediocracy, and i think that is what has happened here. Someone needs to pull their finger out and give this great city a Christmas Market that it deserves.

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