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Free days at the Uffizi Gallery Florence, Italy

Free days at the Uffizi Gallery Florence

I was just thinking about Florence and decided to take a little look at the official website. when i came across an article about Free days at the Uffizi Gallery Florence. They are opening free to the public for 12 days throughout the year, so i thought i would share the article and dates with you here……

The Uffizi Galleries present the 2019 calendar with free entry for all its visitors.

12 openings in total that will take place in the Galleries’ different locations – Uffizi, Pitti and The Boboli Gardens- strongly related to the history and tradition of Florence and Tuscany and each of them followed by special events and shows.

The openings are divided into three categories: the one’s that involve the whole complex -Uffizi, Pitti and The Boboli Gardens- the one’s that will be valid just for Uffizi and lastly those that will only be available for Palazzo Pitti and The Boboli Gardens.

The first big opening (regarding the three structures) will be March 24, Florentine’s new years eve and also the day before Francesco I de’ Medici was born in 1541. The second one will take place on June 23 during Saint Johns’s eve, Saint Patron of the city. On October 11 and 31,there will be another two opportunities to enjoy Uffizi, Pitti and The Boboli Gardens for free, in which they will dedicate the day to Vittoria Della Rovere and Anna Maria Luisa -The Electress of the Palatinate-, both important women in Florence’s history.

The Uffizi Galleries will be free on May 26, commemorating the Georgofili bomb which destroyed a wing of the Gallery on May 27, 1993.

August 11, celebrating the anniversary of the fire tragedy that on the 12th of August in 1762 destroyed part of the Gallery and many of the artworks, and lastly, November 6, celebrating Leopoldo de’ Medici’s birthday -born in 1617- who actively contributed to the growth of the Gallery.

Palazzo Pitti and The Boboli Gardens will offer free admission to visitors on March 17, in commemoration of the Italian Unification and Palazzo Pitti’s role from 1865 to 1871, when Florence was Italy’s capital. On August 4, it will be free during notte dei Ponti (night of the bridges, a memory of World War 2) and on August 27, when Cosimo I became the first Grand Duke of Tuscany.
Lastly, during the Festa della Toscana on November 30.

This article i found at http://www.firenzeturismo.it

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