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About The Tour Expert

The Tour ExpertThe Tour Expert is a family run travel website, passion and business. Through our love of travelling and visiting new and interesting places we decided as a family to start up a website sharing our experiences and places we had traveled to and enjoyed.

With a combined travelling history of over 150 years between us, through Europe, North and South America and Australia, we thought we would be able to help those who are unsure of travelling abroad or maybe dont know where to see, or maybe even those who have been to afraid to travel too far. We also wanted to share the different culture, cuisine and lifestyle of places we had travelled.

We try to add as much information as we possibly can to help all travellers, at what ever experience they may be at, however it is impossible for us to do it all on our own. We therefore ask all our viewers to join in with the site. Adding pictures, tours, recipes, information. All to make the website more personnal as well as giving free and helpful information to all.

The Tour Expert is built around three stages….


Stage 1


The Tour Expert gives helpful advice on buying your motorhome/caravan or boat. With tips on purchasing, running and general care, we try to give you the advice that we think is helpful when you first consider buying a vehicle. The Tour Expert also has a community open to all where you can speak to like minded people who will always be willing to give advice and tips.

Stage 2


The Tour Expert has a number of companies advertising on the website showing different vehicles from all over the world. We try to show as many different Motorhomes/Caravans and Boats so we can to give you the best choice possible. We also try to make the experience of browsing as easy as possible with the layout and design of The Tour Expert website.

Stage 3


The Tour Expert has a substantial Travel database of places to visit across the Globe. Our Goal is for you to enjoy your vehicle as much as possible now the commitment of purchasing it has been made. We offere places of interest for you visit, city guides, festivals and christmas markets for you to travel too as well as guides on local cuisines, driving laws plus a lot more.
By running our business with three stages in mind, we hope we can provide a comprehensive guide to everyone who is either considering buying a new motorhome/caravan or boat or has already purchased one and is looking at new and interesting places to visit. The Tour Expert also has a large Image Gallery for everyone to browse through, offering pictures of destinations across the Globe. We invite everyone to join in and help build up the database b sending in picturs to add to the albums or to create new and interesting albums for all to enjoy.

We hope you like and enjoy browsing through The Tour Expert Website, and we wish you many safe travels in the future

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